Caribbean Planners Association

Caribbean Planners Association
Caribbean Planners Association

The establishment of the Caribbean Planners Association (CPA) is derived from extensive regional planning collaboration over the past three decades. From 1984 to (approximately) 1992, the Caribbean Conference of Town and Country Planning successfully and consistently provided services to planning professionals in the region. The development of CPA will build on the existing network of planners and advance the profession throughout the Caribbean.

The first Caribbean Urban Forum (Annual Policy Meeting) in 2011 (CUF 2011 – in Guyana) ignited a dialogue centered on the development of a planning association in the Caribbean. The CUF 2011 presented an opportunity for collaboration between professional planners and provided the momentum necessary to develop a regional association. Three existing national planning associations (Barbados Town & Country Society of Planners, Jamaican Institute of Planners, and Trinidad & Tobago Society of Planners), with contributions from regional universities (the University of Technology in Jamaica and the University of West Indies in Trinidad) and international partners (American Planning Association and Canadian Institute of Planners), are members of a working group focused on moving this initiative forward. The developing Guyanese planning association is also a significant contributor to the success of the CPA. Simultaneously, the emerging national planning associations in the region support efforts towards successful regional collaboration. The structures and systems being developed for a regional planning association are drawn from Caribbean, Canadian, and American examples. The inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Planners Association took place at the Caribbean Urban Forum 2012 earlier in March this year. Congratulations to the newly elected executive and members!

The formal launch brought together local flair mixing Caribbean and international flavours at the CUF2012 closing ceremonies. Together we can advance the planning profession and improve urban and land management throughout the region. Check-out the CPA website for more information!

Looking for other planners? Take a look at the Professional Planners Directory. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to be involved. We look forward to our future collaboration!


  1. I am a Haitian Planner. Since three years, I am affected at the Northeastern Department for Planning Minister in Haiti. I would be delighted to attend the Caribbean Urban Forum 2012 on March but I didn’t have any information

    I am very interested to be a member of the Caribbean Urban Association. I am not a member of any association yet. However, I wish i coud know conditions to fill for this purpose

    I wish i could share experiences with other planners for improving urban and land mangement throughout the region

    1. Hello Patrice,

      Thanks for your interest in joining the Caribbean Planners Association (CPA). Presently, the proposed CPA constitution is currently being refined for full adaptation. There will be more information forthcoming with regards to membership types and requirements.

  2. Greetings, I was just reading about your recent conference and interest in Heritage Panning. I am a Heritage Consultant and a professional Planner with a Masters in Planning and 32 years experience in heritage. My company is Heritage Collaborative Inc. Please let me know if I may be of service.

    1. Hello Bob Buckle,

      Thanks for sharing your information with us!
      Keep it touch and perhaps we will see you at the next conference in Barbados!

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