The Caribbean Urban Forum #CUF2014 will be held in Barbados | May 14th - 16th, 2014

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What is blueSpace?

The CNULM was formed in 2008 with the mandate of facilitating urban planning practices that respond to the unique issues and challenges present across the Caribbean. We have adopted the name “blueSpace” to capture the image of individuals and organizations in the Caribbean, collectively addressing its developmental needs. We undertake a diverse range of activities which are supported by international partners.


Complete the VLIR South Initiative Survey led by The University of Antwerp.

Call for Papers - Visit the Caribbean Urban Forum 2014 website for more information.

Learn more about our Mirebalais Planning Initiative (MPI) and Community-Led Planning in Haiti.

The Caribbean Urban Forum 2013 Full Papers, Presentations and other documents are available on the blueSpace website for download. Click here to view the available files.

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Caribbean Urban Forum 2014 - Barbados

The CUF 2014 will take place this May in Barbados! To learn more about the event, Clicking Here!