Discussion Papers:

Caribbean Municipal Information Platform (F7) – Draft Discussion Paper (March 7 2012)

Caribbean Urban Forum Documents:

Please Click Here to view the CUF 2013 Downloads Page.

Please Click Here to view the CUF 2014 Downloads Page.

Policy Papers:

COTED 2011: Development of a Caribbean Urban Agenda in the Context of Sustainable Development

COTED 2011: Urban Development the Green Economy

COTED 2012: The Role of Cities in the Green Economy

Technical Paper Working Series – NSUS Final Project Papers:

NSUS Technical Papers


NSUS Policy Meeting Report – Guyana

NSUS TAG Final Report – Amsterdam (2011)

NSUS TAG Final Report – Trinidad (2012)

NSUS Concept Note

CUF 2012 Final Report


Technical Advisory Meeting 2012:
Day One:

Day Two:

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