Project Funders Objective PartnersStart Time
Trinidad and Tobago pilot- Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals EU-CALGA To embed in local government the ability to develop and operate a monitoring and evaluation system for municipal projects.TTALGA, Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Penal-Debe Regional Corporation, Port of Spain City Corporation April 201712 months
Design of Land Cover, Land Capability, and Land Use Plans in Member countries of the OECS under the GCCA Funded ProjectOECSUnderstand the status of the requirements to produce national and sub-national land use plans and the gaps that exist in order to provide the background information and guidance for future consultants to the OECS Commission Interplan 20164 months
EDULINK II: Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Research in the Caribbean (CarEn Train) EU & ACPTo improve energy security in the Caribbean and mitigate Climate Change by reducing the consumption of energy resulting from urban sprawl, inefficient transportation system and improving energy efficiency of buildings.UTECH , AdeKUS, UG, UAOct 201342 months
Supporting the Eastern Caribbean States to Improve Land Policies and ManagementAustralia AidEnhance sustainability development in OECS, poverty reduction, social stability protection of environmentally sensitive areas through formulation, adoption and implementation of comprehensive land policies. UN Habitat, OECS201224 months
Leveraging the Built and Cultural Heritage for Economic Development in East Port of Spain (EPOS)UWI RDI Fund To facilitate the implementation of the GROTT Heritage City Growth Pole Initiative in EPOS by improving the built and cultural heritage in the area in order to leverage these assets for economic development.IADB, EPCCOMay 201224 months
Understanding and Improving Walkable Caribbean Urban Heritage: Willemstad, Paramaribo, Bridgetown, and East Port-of-SpainOrganisation of American States (OAS)Comparatively analyse built and cultural heritage of four Caribbean cities, three are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one seeks that designation, for elements of smart urban design that decrease car use and encourage walking and cycling as well as potential to generate local economic development and serve as a model for new urban development.Gregory Scruggs (APA) and Jeffrey Soule - U.S. Committee of ICOMOSOct 201212 months
Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP)UN- HABITATTo contribute towards global urban poverty reduction and the Millennium Development Goals through rapid urban profiling and assessments. Three Cities in Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad and two cities in Antigua. TTSP, UTech, Haiti, Antigua20096 months
NSUS – Network for the Application of Science and Technology and Innovation (STI) to the Urban SectorEU & ACPIdentification of research and technologies relevant to the urban sector and ways to foster their uptake into policy and decision making at the regional, national and municipal levels.UG, AdeKUS, UvANov 200936 months
EDULINK - Capacity Building in Urban planning and Land Management in the Southern CaribbeanEU & ACPTo develop a joint post-graduate diploma for planning and land management professionals of Suriname and Guyana.UG, AdeKUS, UVA200836 months