In the era of what is now coined the “informational society”, urban planning in the Caribbean seems to be all the more affected by the insularity and disconnect that all too often characterizes the region, as the discipline itself calls for a cross-sectoral and integrated approach. And the stakes are high, considering the ever increasing urban population, their vulnerability to natural disasters and the economic challenges faced by the developing states of the Region in the global context.

In this respect, blueSpace was conceptualized with a view of providing the region with the tools necessary to address the challenges posed by urban planning and management in an intelligent manner. Intelligence as in inter-ligare, links between the professional sector and academia, between policy makers and implementers, between yesterday and tomorrow.

Because this is not the first regional initiative regarding planning, the CNULM furthers an interactive approach by attempting to integrate rather than replicate existing structures and initiatives.  And to achieve this, we have developed this online interface in order to facilitate the dissemination of information regarding planning and land management in the region.

In this respect, the blueSpace Secretariat is currently undertaking existing research to develop four databases:

  • A comprehensive review of publications that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge: existing research, and raw data.
  • A directory public and private organizations involved in planning in order provide to greater visibility and access throughout the Caribbean and vis-à-vis international organizations
  • An overview of the on-going projects that relate to planning in the region.
  • A calendar of the events that take place in and around the region
  • A blog facilitate open discussions and contributions by wide range of actors

Currently at the inception stage, these databases will require inputs from all actors of the urban Sector. And we will need your support, critiques and suggestions to make this tool, your tool!

To take part in the blueSpace network and communicate with others or contribute to the blueSpace blog, you can:

  • Join the blueSpace group on LinkedIn which aims at bringing together practicing professionals and highlight the wide of skills available in the region. To visit the group, click here.
  • Contribute to the discussions taking place on the Caribbean Planning Forum available here.
  • Send us information regarding your organization, activities, vision for Caribbean planning at

We look forward to a more interactive Urban Sector.