Archer & Jackson: Caribbean Contribution to The State of the Tropics 2020 report

The Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management (CNULM) is pleased to congratulate Professor Carol Archer and Ms. Anetheo Jackson of the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH) on the inclusion of their Case Study: A Case for Adequate Housing: Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11 in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (pp 210-216) in the State of the Tropics 2020 Report.

Professor Carol Archer is a member of the Advisory Council for the CNULM. She has led UTECH participation in numerous activities of the CNULM including of the hosting of Caribbean Urban Forums in Jamaica. Anetheo Jackson’s doctoral research explores the contextual understanding of the concept of adequate housing in Jamaica.  She has a background in economics and a particular interest in ‘place-based’ analysis, which has inspired her growing body of work in topics of urban economics.

The Tropics are becoming increasingly important in the mindset of the international development community with the 29th June being designated by the United Nations as the International Day of the Tropics. Given that 2015 saw the adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the State of the Tropic Report 2020 and the inaugural report in 2014 allows for an assessment of the state of the region, it’s opportunities and challenges and develop a means to work towards a common future.

Download the State of the Tropics Report 2002 here

In the New Urban Agenda (2017) UN member states agreed to develop and implement housing policies which support the right to adequate housing for all. The Case Study by Archer and Jackson posits the question: Is there an accepted definition of adequate housing such that adequacy can be measured to determine whether countries are managing cities and human settlements that are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable?

Using Jamaica as an example for Small Island Developing States, this study examines the basic guidelines set by the United Nations on the attributes of adequate housing including: security of tenure; availability and access to housing services; affordability; habitability; equal and non-discriminatory access;  location; and, cultural adequacy.

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