Caribbean Urban Forum 2017 – Call for Abstracts

The Belize Association of Planners will be our host for the 7th Annual Caribbean Urban Forum (CUF 2017), 15th -19th May 2017 in Belize City, Belize.  Co-hosts include the Mayor’s Office, Belize City; Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management (CNULM) based at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, and other regional and international organizations. The Forum brings together land use practitioners, municipal managers, policy makers, academics and allied professionals in an effort to address urban issues in the region.

The conference will address specific policy issues in the Caribbean urban sector within the context of broader sustainable development issues. Through presentations, workshops and discussions, the forum will:

  1. Examine Caribbean examples, or examples relevant to the Caribbean, of greening of energy, economy and space
  2. Identify the linkages of examples to the New Urban Agenda, the SDGs or other relevant indicator mechanism

The following are broad areas under the themes under which papers can be contributed. Abstract may focus on, but are not limited to:

Green Energy

·         Urban Mobility and Transport

·         Technology Applications in Sustainable Urban Development

·         Planning for walkability, reduced automobile dependence, low carbon transport, public transportation

·         Urban/Rural Planning

·         Green Building Technology

·         Cultural Heritage as Lessons in Green Design


Green Economy

·         Formal/Informal Livelihoods in the Green Urban Economy

·         Financing Urban Greening in Towns and Cities

·         Governance for Transitioning to a Green Economy

·         Formal/ informal opportunities for green business development in the urban economy

·         Natural resource based livelihoods, conservation and alternatives

·         Urban agro-ecology

·         Reduce, Re-Use, Recycling in Urban Communities

·         Cost/ benefit of Greening green taxes

·         Green policies and legislation

·         Financing local economic development and strategic local action

·         Gender and the Green economy


Green Space

·         Spatial Justice – Green space as a Right not a Privilege in Urban Communities

·         Climate Change Resilience for Vulnerable groups in urban communities

·         Localized Planning for Urban Resilience

·         Professional Planning Practice – Making Space for all Planners

·         Informal Human Settlements

·         Inequality in provision of green spaces

·         Alternative Uses for Green Space in Cities

·         Ecological space in Urban Communities

·         Water and the City – reclaiming waterfronts

·         Planning and Social issues

·         Community planning – Best Practices Approaches

·         Designing for the Complete Community

·         The role of the environment in city branding

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