Establishing a Campus Coordinating Committee (CCC)

Establishing a CCC to Promote Energy Efficiency at The University Of The West Indies

The University of the West Indies, through a research and policy unit known as the Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management (CNULM) operating in the Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management of the Faculty of Engineering, is currently conducting an ACP EDULINK II project entitled Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency and Climate Change in Built Environment Training and Research in the Caribbean (CarEnTrain). The Project Director is Dr. Asad Mohammed. The overall objective of the project is to improve energy security in Caribbean countries and mitigate climate change by reducing the consumption of energy resulting from urban sprawl, inefficient transportation systems and improving energy efficiency of buildings.

On 11th November, 2014, in a meeting led by Professor Brian Copeland, the Dean of Engineering, the CarEnTrain project was introduced to the Heads of the several faculties and departments. The meeting also identified members for a Campus Coordinating Committee (CCC) to coordinate the incorporation of issues, ideas and principles relating to energy efficiency and Climate Change issues into the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula at Faculties across the campus, advise on the development of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for working professionals and reflect on the planning and management changes necessary at the campus level to address its energy efficiency.

Members at the Dean’s Meeting for CarEnTrain

CCCs have already been established under the CarEnTrain project in the partner institutions (i.e. University of Guyana (UG); University of Antwerp (UA); Anton de Kom University, Suriname (AdeKUS); University of Technology Jamaica (UTech)) as part of a regional effort.

Confirmed Representatives of the UWI CCC include:

  • Mr. Mark Raymond (Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Dr. Marlene Attz (Lecturer, Sustainable Economic Development Unit, Economics)
  • Mr. Arvind Singh (Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Mr. Suresh Maharaj (Director, Division of Facilities Management)
  • Dr. Krishpersad Manohar (Lecturer, Applied Thermodynamics; Heat Transfer and Energy Resources)
  • Mr. Alfred Reid (Senior Project Officer, Campus Projects Office)

For more information on CCC and CarEnTrain, contact: Dr Perry Polar:

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