International Conference on Low Carbon Development

The impact of climate change on Caribbean Countries can have widespread social, economic and environmental implications because of their extensive coastal settlements and coastal urban infrastructure. This is particularly the case in Guyana, where the Nation’s Capital and a significant portion of the population are in an area currently located below mean sea level.

It has been established that “climate change impacts are part of the larger question of how complex social, economic and environmental subsystems interact and shape prospects for sustainable development” (Synthesis Report and Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Cambridge University Press, 2001).

Thus, the integration of climate change policies with broader sustainability-oriented community development strategies indicates a critical need for more effective planning and coordination.

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A Selected Urban Assessment and Profiling Bibliography

The technical study assessment of existing profiling studies, which aims to review the various methodologies used worldwide and to compile the findings of the exercises conducted in the Caribbean is currently underway.

As part of the NSUS project, the preliminary findings were presented at the first Technical Advisory Group meeting held on November 22-23rd in Suriname.

Prior to the release of the Technical Working Paper on Urban Assessment Methodologies, we are happy to present the primary bibliographic resources collated for the exercise.

  1. General Urban Development and Management
  2. City Profiles
  3. Urban Assessment Indicators
  4. Specfic Urban Assessments and Profiling Programmes :
  • Localizing the MDGs,
  • localizing Agenda 21/Sustainable Cities,
  • City Consultation,
  • Rapid Urban Profiling for Sustainability RUPS
  • Disaster assessment
  • Commonwealth City Assessment
  • Safer cities programme
  • Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Cities
  • Cities Alliance

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