CUF 2014 Full Papers & Presentations

CUF 2014 Full Papers

Submitted Papers

CUF 2014 Presentations – May 15

Plenary Session – Keynote Address by Mr. Alan Jones, Founder of Future Communities Ltd.
Keynote Address by Mr. Alan Jones -‘Shaping Your Place in the Future’ Leadership in a Culture of Comminuty Engagement

Sessions 1 to 12
CUF 2014 Presentation – Placemaking of Cultural Heritage Site in the Belmont Community of East Port of Spain – Jalaludin Khan

CUF 2014 Presentation – Design Elements in Urban Safety: A Case Study of the University Town of Papine – R. Byfield, R. Green, W. Hamilton, Y. Green

CUF 2014 Presentation – The Need for Place and Space Making Theory in the Caribbean – Earl Bailey

CUF 2014 Presentation – The Evolving “Emerald Necklace” of Bridgetown Nature and Open Space in the Urban Fabric – Kevin Talma

CUF 2014 Presentation – Landmarks, Cultural Legacy and the Utility of Publice Space in Jamaica’s Parish Capitals – Zaneta Scott

CUF 2014 Presentation – Tenantries, Development and the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act in Barbados – Joy R. D. Best

CUF 2014 Presentation – A Review of the EIA process in Barbados – Melony Shoye and Janice Cumberbatch

CUF 2014 Presentation – Placemaking and Climate Change Resilience: Case Studies from Grenada and Canada – Rory Basksh

CUF 2014 Presentation – Improving DRR in Relation to Seismic Hazards in Barbados: Learning from the Past to Plan for the Future – Tracy Marshall

CUF 2014 Presentation – Sustaining Strong and Resilient Communities – Grenville W. Phillips II

CUF 2014 Presentation – Placing Disaster Risk Reduction at the Heart of Planning and Placemaking – Steve Kemp and Ronal Jackson

CUF 2014 Presentation – Leveraging Built Heritage in Paramaribo, Suriname – Gerrit Adriaan Bruijne

CUF 2014 Presentation – Leveraging Built and Cultural Heritage for Economic Development of East Port of Spain, Trinidad – Ryan Dharmanie

CUF 2014 Presentation – Flooding: A Case Study of the Diego Martin Watershed in Trinidad and Tobago – Marissa Mc Millan

CUF 2014 Presentation – Building Resilient Communities Through Alternative Risk Transfer/Parametric Insurance – Nicholas Grainger on behalf of CCRIF

CUF 2014 Presentation – Green Mapping in the C’bean: A Participartory Tool for Coastal Vulnerability Assessment and Capacity Building – S. Page and C. Johnson

CUF 2014 Presentation – Layers of the Land: Integrating CPTED Concepts into the Planning Process – Christian Jattan and Victoria Gibson

CUF 2014 Presentation – Managing the Output focus of Crime Prevention Through Environment Design – Derek Johnson, Victoria Gibson and Emma Stevens

CUF 2014 Presentation – Urban Design and Renewal, Its Impact on Crime, Safety and The Perception of Safety in Downtown Kingston – Jacqueline Douglas Brown


CUF 2014 Presentations – May 16

Plenary Session – Keynote Address by Mrs. Christine Platt, President of the Commenwealth Association of Planners.

Keynote Address by Mrs. Christine Platt – Battle for Sustainable Development in Cities

Sessions 13 to 21

CUF 2014 Presentation – Cultural Evening Economy in Bridgetown – Stacia S. Bryan

CUF 2014 Presentation – Infrastructure and Local Economic Development in Urban Communities: Cecil Charlton Park, Mandeville, Manchester – Phil Rodriques

CUF 2014 Presentation – Infrastructure and Local Economic Development in Urban Communities: Belize City, A Modern Vibrant Water City – Mayor Darrel Bradley

CUF 2014 Presentation – Placecheck: Actively Involving Stakeholders and Communities in Placemaking – Steve Kemp

CUF 2014 Presentation – Sustainable Community Essentials for Developing Countries – Lester King

CUF 2014 Presentation – Seeing the Environment Through Residents Eyes – A Planning Tool – Giovana Beltrao

CUF 2014 Presentation – Participatory Planning in Belize: Exploring Opportunities from the Belize Municipal Development Project – K. Rodriguez and G. Young

CUF 2014 Presentation – Community Driven Development in Port-au-Prince Neighbourhoods – M.M.S Dorelus, S. Deprez and P. Louis

CUF 2014 Presentation – Culture, Festivals and Pop Retail in Small States: Paradise Beach Seafood Festival, Carriacou – Jeffrey Brathwaite-Izzaak

CUF 2014 Presentation – Culture, Festivals and Pop Retail in Small States: Point Fortin Borough, Trinidad and Tobago – Jillian Quashie

CUF 2014 Presentation – Before the Pavements: Situating Street-Dwelling and Vagrancy in the Residential Histories of the Homeless – Priya Kissoon

CUF 2014 Presentation – Canadian-Caribbean Partnerships in Planning – Andrew Sacret

CUF 2014 Presentation – Innovation in Sustainable Urban Housing and Community Development: APA’s Energy Climate and Partnership of the Americas Program

CUF 2014 Presentation – Issues and Options for Capacity Building for Planning in Belize – Larry Wolfe

CUF 2014 Presentation – Cultural Heritage Planning: Engaging Residents – Copeland Stupart, Robert Shipley and Rob Feick

CUF 2014 Presentation – The Making of a University Town:The Role of the University of Technology,Jamaica in Shaping Papine ant its Environs-C. Archer, N. Prince

CUF 2014 Presentation – Place Branding Approach to City Competitiveness and Sustainability – Karen Chamansingh-Gopaul

CUF 2014 Presentation – Business Leadership and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of SME hotels in Jamaica – Olga Semenovych

CUF 2014 Presentation – Understanding the Challenges to Implementing a Local Economic Development Strategy in Regions with Extractive Industries – R. Gookool

CUF 2014 Presentation – Multi-criteria decision making in Selecting Suitable Sites for Windfarms: A Sustainable Option for Habitable Place – Larry Neufville

CUF 2014 Presentation – Opening Spaces for Development: Partnerships with Hinterland Communities – R. Edinboro, D. Bess-Bascom, G. Arboleda

CUF 2014 Presentation – Guiding Sustaiable Development in EPOS, Trinidad. From the Top-down to Bottom up Needs – Gregory Scruggs


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