Caribbean Urban Forum 2019 – Trinidad and Tobago: Save the Date

Caribbean Urban Forum 2019

12 – 14th June 2019 

Disaster & Climate change resilience planning


The Trinidad and Tobago Society of Planners (TTSP) hosted the 9th Annual Caribbean Urban Forum (CUF), 12th-14th June, 2019 . The Forum brings together land use practitioners, municipal managers, policy makers, academics and allied professionals in an effort to address urban issues in the region. This year, the theme is Post Disaster and Climate Change Resilience Planning. See the TTSP page for further details


Thongs, G and Griffith, K. (2019). Developing Urban Resilience through Evaluation of Landslide Causative Factors. Click here Thongs and Griffith Landslides 2019

Mokwete, K. (2019). Local Community Planning Methodologies as a Catalyst Towards Long Term Urban Resilience in Haiti – Existing Planning Methodologies and Processes, Capacity building and Outreach activities, Statutory, Policy and Standards Reform. Click here Mokwete Participatory Planning 2019

Bogle, K. (2019). Plastic Ban- A blessing on urban waste management or a Climate Change curse. Click here  Bogle Plastic Ban 2019





Michel Frojmovic: Too busy to learn. Bringing Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Action Tools and Methods into your practice


Angelique Balbosa-Phillip and Jason Roper-Brooks: Building Resilience in State Owned Enterprises: Lessons Learnt: Dominica (2017) Trinidad and Tobago (2018)


Monica Ramirez: Building Sysytematic Urban Resilience to Disasters in the Caribbean


Emrah Engindeniz: Caribbean Strategy for Informal Settlements Upgrading


Rogier van den Berg: CARIBBEAN URBAN PLANNING GUIDELINES – Guidelines and Strategic Planning to accelerate implementation and build capacity


Caribbean Development Bank: CDB’s Housing Sector Policy and Strategy 2019


MIchael Frojmovic: Developing a Conceptual framework for National and Local area plans in the OECS


Gabrielle Thongs: Developing Urban Resilience through the Evaluation of Landslide Causative Factors


Ivan Laughlin: Disaster Dislocation & Rehabilitation -Three Expereinces -Afganistan/ Pakistan, Montserrat and Grenada


Domus CaribbeanuPVC Windows and Doors


Tisha Holmes and Lamont Nelson: Evaluating Climate Resilience In Vision 2030 Plans


Tracey Beard: Increasing Urban Resilience in Caribbean Small Island Developing States SIDS The Role of Sustainability Indicators


Rogir van den Berg: Integrating Strategic Land-use aand Infrastructure Planning for a Sustainable Garden City


Killion Mokwete: Local Community Participatory Planning Methodologies as a catalyst towards long term Urban Resilience in Haiti


Aisha Donaldson and Sean Sooknanan: Local Community Participatory Planning Methodologies as a catalyst towards long term Urban Resilience in Haiti


Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions: Measures to Mitigate Impacts Of Disasters


OECS Methodology for DRM based national and Local Area Planning


Rory Baksh: Planning Beyond Recovery Envision 2040 & The New British Virgin Islands National Physical Development Plan


Steve Kemp and Simone Landucci: Planning with Uncertainty


Sarah Hosein and Aisha Donaldson: Planning_for_Disaster_Management_at_the_Local_Level


Leonardo Corral, Maja Schling and Robin Rajack: Presentation at the corridor level: Impacts of the Barbados South-west Shoreline Stabilization and boardwalk


EPG Caribbean: Synagogue Historic District – Promoting Urban Renewal  & Resilience A UNESCO World Heritage Site Bridgetown Barbados


Keisha Farnum: Resilience at the Site Level: Adaptation and Regeneration of a Sand Quarry. The Walkers Reserve Experiment

Review of the Generic Methodology Terms of Reference and the Initial Programme


Robin Rajack: Spatial Expansion in Tobago- Preliminary Results_


Benarva Browne: The Adequacy of the Physical Planning System in the Building of Urban Resilience against the Impacts of Climate Change – A Case Study of the Town of Calliaqua, St. Vincent 


Terrel George: The Power of Design


Vaughn l Lezama: The Quality of the Built Environment as the first response to Earthquake Disaster Preparedness – Lessons Learnt from Haiti 2010


Clive Harridge: Urban Resilience Commomwealth and Global Perspectives