Our Theme Painting: Aruba Waters by Eddie Bowen

While trying to identify through a visual medium, our approach to the  Caribbean we have looked for the translation of dynamism and density, for the translation of that particular space created by the Caribbean Sea both border and interface, separation and link.

It was necessary also that the image also conveys the diversity of landscapes and the identities of the region. Together these characteristics seem to somewhat approach the complex reality that centuries of global history have shaped.

As the visual representation of the blueSpace approach, Aruba Waters by Edward Bowen, materializes these elements and the texture of the painting illustrates the merit of process.

As the artist himself remarks [only]“In the practice of a sustained gaze at and in betwixt things; how currents of thought and are used to shift, overlap, obliterate and [re]-order value, view, and perception, an appreciation of contextual forces [can emerge allowing] new formats, equations, and solutions to emerge.”

We keep reinterpreting this material and reinventing forms and uses for the layers, textures and colors… Enjoy with us the delicate exercise of formalizing a vision, an understanding, an appreciation for the Caribbean Urban sector!