CEHI Caribbean Water Engineers Forum

About the Forum:

The Caribbean Environmental Health Institute is hosting a regional water engineering forum themed  ‘Water Alternative Approaches for a Sustainable, Safe and Secure Water Supply for All‘.  This two day event, held in St. Lucia, promises to explore areas such as: rainwater harvesting, soil and land resource conservation, water conservation practices as well as policy, legislation and regulation setting.

Presentation Topics:

  • Improvements to water supply distribution equipment and systems
  • Use of scada and other automated monitoring and control systems for water supply and distribution
  • Water storage system improvements for planned and emergency shut downs
  • Desalination applications
  • Groundwater exploration initiatives
  • Rainwater harvesting: small to large-scale applications
  • Storm and greywater reuse
  • Soil and land resource conservation: reforestation, improved farming practices
  • Water conservation practices at home, work and recreation
  • Policy, legislation and regulation setting
  • Incentives for use of more water efficient products, water conservation, rainwater harvesting

Call for Presentations:

The deadline for submissions is March 7th 2011. Submissions will be reviewed and notice will be provided to prospective presenters regarding acceptance within one week of submission.

Submissions are to be made electronically and must include:

  1. A Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation that includes text and graphics must be legible for easy reading by the audience.
  2. An abstract of the presentation of no more than 300 words.
  3. A brief professional biography of the presenter of no more than 150 words
  4. Water Engineering & Pipeline Company Ltd
  5. Presentation Sponsor

All submissions must be sent to:

Dr. Christopher Cox, Programme Director, Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI); e-mail: ccox@cehi.org.lc Please use the caption “St. Lucia Water Week Presentation” in the email subject line.

For information on the overall conference and exhibition please contact:
Andy Phillip: 758 286 8611 (cell); 758 450 4004 (tel/fax); e-mail: wepco@hotmail.com

For more information see the Official Call for Presentations:
St. Lucia Water Week, Call for Presentations

International Conference on Low Carbon Development

The impact of climate change on Caribbean Countries can have widespread social, economic and environmental implications because of their extensive coastal settlements and coastal urban infrastructure. This is particularly the case in Guyana, where the Nation’s Capital and a significant portion of the population are in an area currently located below mean sea level.

It has been established that “climate change impacts are part of the larger question of how complex social, economic and environmental subsystems interact and shape prospects for sustainable development” (Synthesis Report and Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Cambridge University Press, 2001).

Thus, the integration of climate change policies with broader sustainability-oriented community development strategies indicates a critical need for more effective planning and coordination.

To read more on our partner’s website click here.