Stakeholders Have Their Say in T&T’s Energy future

Stakeholders Have their Say in Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Future

Trinidad and Tobago has historically been an energy based economy. However, the hydrocarbon resources have declined over the years and the sector has been affected by global trends. The energy industry has also had a large impact on the environment including Trinidad and Tobago being the 7th highest carbon emitter per capita in the world.

As a result, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs has embarked on a series of National Consultations on Energy, in an effort to get the input of the citizenry of Trinidad and Tobago on how best to reshaping the energy sector so as to ensure its sustainability. The theme of these consultations is: “Re-fueling T&T’s Economic Engine: A New Policy for Energy 2011-2015,” and runs from January 11th – February 28th 2011.

Starting in San Fernando, the energy capital of Trinidad and Tobago, the consultations focused on oil and mineral extraction, gas pricing and utilization, green energy economy, improving human resource capacity, energy security and governance issues. There were numerous technical presentation around which stakeholder comments were based.  Some presentations focused not only on Trinidad & Tobago but also on the wider Caribbean. Some interesting information included:

  • Overview of T&T’s oil and gas reserves
  • Extent of government subsidies of local fuel
  • Gas based markets
  • Renewable energy projects in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean
  • T&T’s incentives for using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in vehicles and the new technology
  • T&T’s incentives for improving energy efficiency
  • School project on using cesspits to produce methane for cooking

You can read the presentations at

Conference on Governance for Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States

1st Annual International Conference on Governance for Sustainable Development of Caribbean Small Island Developing States

2011 has only just begun yet it holds a lot of promise for networking, technology and academic events in the Caribbean. This year, the Association of Caribbean Small Island developing States (SIDS) in partnership with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is hosting a conference on sustainable development focused on the context of Small Island developing states in the Caribbean.

This conference is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing based on the unique perspectives of practitioners, academics, stakeholders involved in developing policies and practices to this effect in the region.

Papers for presentations will be accepted up until the 1st of February 2011.  Track themes for the conference are; Governance, Economics, Social Work, Tourism, Conservation, Zoning, Health care, Education, Technology and ICT, Integral Development of Curaçao.

To find out more, please visit the organization’s website at;

March 4th-7th, 2011

The conference will be held at the University of the Netherlands Antilles.
Jan Noorduynweg 111, Curacao.