The concentration of issues in urban areas and the fast pace of evolution of the urban population and settlements require that rapid while specific assessments be conducted in order to facilitate the decision making process and implementation of local plans.

The purpose of all assessment methodologies is therefore to gather information on a specific subject to identify the needs of the beneficiaries and contextualize the suggested solutions and plans. These methodologies albeit swift require a careful check of information to point out inconsistencies, data gaps and correct them, while tracking data and results to ensure better long term integration.

Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are faced with many developmental challenges such as: high levels of urbanization; high risk of natural disasters; varying access to natural resources; vulnerable tourism based economies, high species endemism; varying languages and cultural backgrounds, etc. An understanding of the range of issues associated with Caribbean states (and the international, regional and national frameworks which influence them) is important.

This scenario points to the need to develop a more systematic way of conducting urban assessment activities within the Caribbean, at the community, national and regional levels.

As a result of the blueSpace review, the followings will be produced:

  • A critical literature review of urban profiles and profiling mechanisms (particularly within the Caribbean).
  • A typology of urban profiles and profiling mechanisms.
  • Policy workshop(s)
  • Technical working papers.
  • A dynamic robust urban profiling tool specifically designed to address the challenges within the Caribbean Urban Sector.

UPDATE January 14th, 2010

The preliminary bibliography of resources on urban assessments and methodologies is published. It references the documentation used for the Technical Paper on existing Profiling Studies. You can read it here.