The secretariat is the implementing body of the CNULM, which disseminates the blueSpace philosophy is through the regional workshops, technical studies and publications, conferences and projects.  The blueSpace projects are conceptualized in house and fall under the four pillars of the CNULM’s mission and aim to contribute to the structuring of the urban sector’s agenda.

Housed by the Faculty of Engineering, the UWI St-Augustine Campus the Secretariat which works in close collaboration with the office of research and the Business Development Office the Secretariat is actively engaged in sourcing, securing and administering the resources necessary to the pursuit of the CNULM’s objectives.

blueSpace recognizes the procedural complexity required to address sustainable development in the Caribbean and fosters practices which emphasize consultation, methodology, networking and process.  The Secretariat’s approach is not isolated, but supported by frameworks of international development organizations, community advocates and contemporary theoretical perspectives from the discipline.

The team is comprised of urban planning and project management professionals committed to enhancing the practice of urban and land management in the Caribbean.

Current Team Members:


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Past Contributing Members:

Included in this section are profiles and contact information of members of the blueSpace Secretariat, who bring to the secretariat a diversity of experience, technical skills and academic expertise.

Contact Us:
blueSpace Secretariat
Office 18, Block 13
Faculty of Engineering
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine
Tel. 1 (868) 662-2002 ext. 3682