The long lasting involvement of the University of Guyana, the Anton de Kom University of Suriname and the University of Amsterdam alongside the UWI has allowed for the launch of the CNULM.

These four institutions are at the core of the consortium of universities supporting the CNULM and facilitate the combination a north-south with a south-south regional approach, strengthening of these Southern Caribbean universities and professional networks to develop further.

The University of Amsterdam has been a part of the team since the inception of the network and brings to the partnership an expertise in International Development, focusing especially on poverty and livelihood issues, which is complementary to that of Southern Caribbean Universities.

Joined by CARICOM in 2009, the partners are the decentralized implementing actors of the CNULM’s activities. They animate the national networks of urban planning and land management by engaging the local stakeholders and by ensuring the dissemination of research. With blueSpace, they promote a renewed approach to planning that is meant to belong in the social landscape of the countries by a lasting presence in the academic system and ultimately to penetrate the institutional culture of the relevant agencies.

The people behind the partnering institutions: