Prof. de Bruijne is Professor emeritus & Guest Professor Human Geography of Developing Countries, University of Amsterdam.. He has been Full Professor Human Geography of Developing Countries at that University. In former times he has been Chairman Royal Dutch Geographical Society, Chairman, Department Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam as well as the Free University Amsterdam, Chairman CEDLA (Dutch Inter University Center Latin for American and Caribbean Studies), Co-chairman IDPAD (Indo-Dutch Research Programme on Alternatives in Development), Member Board of Graduate Studies Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag, and Member Scientific Board Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies. Prof. deBruijne is considered as a foremost expert on the Geography of Suriname.

The Graduate School was founded in January 2009, building upon existing institutional structures. It encompasses all the Master’s and Research Master’s and – eventually – PhD training programmes previously located in several previous social sciences institutes, namely the Amsterdam Institute for Education in Social Sciences (AIM), Onderwijsinstituut Geografie, Planologie en Internationale Ontwikkelingsstudies (GPIO, or English abbreviation GPIDS) and the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences (ISHSS).