Providing Guidance and Support

The Advisory board is the consultative body of the CNULM. It serves the double-purpose of supporting the Secretariat efforts to monitor the activities taking place the urban sector throughout the region and to provide their cumulated expertise to the Secretariat in orienting and framing their activities and projects.

Composed of eminent practicing professionals of the urban sector, the Advisory board is declined in thematic technical advisory groups established to facilitate the development of blueSpace technical series and subsequent policy workshops and publication.

Under this section, you will find more detailed information regarding the profiles of the members of the Advisory board, their publications as well as agenda items pertaining to the urban sector in the Caribbean and abroad.

Members (as of January 2008):

Update April 8th, 2011

Further to the NSUS policy meeting held in Georgetown, Guyana on April 6-9th, 2011 the Advisory Board was reconvened. Mrs. Carmen Griffith, community mobilizer and advocate of gender issues in Jamaica has joined the Advisory Board and brings with her the voice of the Civil Society.

Dr. James Armstrong agreed to assume temporary chairmanship of the board and will coordinate the efforts to formalize a vision for the network and the calendar of milestones over the next semester.

More on this soon !